Over the years I have looked to Kim when searching for the right position, or managing a unique workplace challenge. Simply put, Kim has helped me identify goals, build confidence, and take action. As a career coach, Kim brings together an incredible expertise in career development, with a deep understanding of human resources and current industry trends. Combine Kim’s armory of knowledge, with her amazing brand of humor and empathy, and you are off to the races.

E. Rozanne Fredkin
Creative Marketing Professional


“Kim’s coaching has been extremely valuable. She was able to quickly identity the gaps in my job search efforts and then just as quickly recommend the actions that I should take to fill those gaps, Kim has proven to be a very valuable resource”

John Lewis
Consulting Manager
Rail Bridge Consulting


“How we deliver is almost as important as what we deliver.  Kim has helped me to understand that managing is not just delivering product.  We must put aside time to coach team members, develop employees, plan our own careers, manage upwards and communicate properly.  I used to think communicating was simply succinctly getting my point across.  I now realize that we must account for our own preferences as well as our colleagues in order to communicate effectively.”

Robert Prytko 
Associate Director , Process Engineering


“Conflict resolution coaching through The Coburn Company has been an effective tool to minimize distracting interpersonal conflicts and improve staff retention.  Kim Coburn has worked seamlessly to support our busy management team and extend our management capacity during difficult and demanding periods of time.”

David Reasner
VP, Data Science
Ironwood Pharmaceuticals


“Kim has really impressed me with her ability to focus on what is really important for a successful job search. Her coaching in how to structure my resume, answer difficult interview questions, develop my network, and create the 30 sec elevator pitch of selling what I have to offer and what I am looking for in my new job, has helped me tremendously to shorten my transition period and find a great new job in 2 months.”

 Olaf Weidhaas
Senior Project Manager
170 Systems


“Kim Coburn’s entire orientation is about team and collaboration. She sees every team not just as a group of people working together but as a system where the team members collectively work toward a common vision or goal. She develops these skills in others collectively, through group skill development and/or teambuilding with intact teams, and through one-on-one coaching regarding productive team membership and team leader support. Her TJX clients greatly valued her insights, and called upon her again and again. I highly recommend Kim for your team.”

Amy Fardella
EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer
The Marmaxx Group (a division of the TJX Cos.)


“Kim was my career coach as I was transitioning from being an employee at IBM to founding my business Rock Hollow Studios. She’s highly motivating, supportive and no nonsense about what it takes to make a career transition and she brings humor to a situation that can be anything but funny. I highly recommend her professional career coaching services.”

Cynthia Duvall
Owner, Rock Hollow Studios


“Kim is a great listener and an effective brainstorming partner.  Her questions get right to the heart of the matter, generating important insights.  Kim is also very genuine and trustworthy, demonstrating integrity at all times.  I highly recommend Kim!”

Peggy Fall
Freelance Talent Acquisition Specialist